So you’re playing the never-ending game of
“keeping up with the algorithm”?

You brainstorm ideas, create the graphics, overthink your captions, research hashtags, find trending audios, stress over your bio, finally post the damn post & second guess yourself every step of the way… while secretly hoping no one you know finds it because you’re low-key embarrassed.

It feels like it's never enough & there’s a never-ending list of more that could be done.

You'revexhausted and nauseous from the never-ending content roller coaster
→ New platforms. 

→ New features. 

→ New trending audios. 

→ Another new algorithm update. 

→ Fear that you'll be left behind if you stop even for a minute. 

→ You're pretty sure that no one’s listening anyways, so why bother?

At the same time you know content matters! 

You know that your content is your business's first impression & you want to make an AMAZING one, but you were over it like.. yesterday

You’re good at what you do & you know people need what you have to offer, but the fire you once felt about creating content is fizzling faster than a firework display in the rain.

You NEED your content to:
→ Put your business in front of new eyeballs 
→ Erupt effortlessly out of you 
→ Build a meaningful connection with others
→ Grow your following consistently 
→ Drive sales without selling your soul 
→ Speak directly to the heart of your people so they feel seen, heard & understood 
→ Make your friends, family and future clients respect the work you’re doing
& not take up all of your precious time. Don’t worry;  we got you. 

Discovered & In Demand is not another content strategy that you'll never use.  

This is a no-rules system that you can make your own. An algorithm-proof system that will allow you to throw away the hashtag banks and unfollow the trending audio peeps. 

In fact, you'll completely forget about the algorithm, have people reaching out to work with you & feel proud of the content you’re putting out.

You’ll know exactly what to do to get your business discovered by new people & precisely what to do to turn them into raving community members who are OBSESSED with everything you do.

& you won’t spend longer than 10 minutes on a post ever again.

→ Wasting hours in Canva
→ Second-guessing your content ideas
→ Focusing on vanity metrics(likes & follows)
→ Praying no one from "real life" finds you 
→ Stressing out about the algorithm
→ Worrying about posting consistently
→ Posting & hearing crickets
→ Not saying what you want to 
→ Wondering if it's working 
→ Feeling weird about your level of planning
→ Thinking your bio is the issue
→ Refreshing your notifications 

→ Constantly coming up with brand-new ideas

✓Creating epic posts in 10 minutes or less 
✓Designing professional content w/o canva
✓ Focused on the metrics that drive results
✓ Confident that your content is enough
✓ unfollowing the trending audio gurus 
✓Posting when it feels good to you
✓Know exactly what type of content to post to bring more eyeballs, more sales or more community 
✓saying whatever the fork you want & meeting the best clients because of it
✓Setting aside time to answer all the comments & DMs from people who love what you’re up to

✓ Repurposing content like a boss! 
Remember: your content is your first impression

 So if it’s half-assed… Lacking personality… Boring as fork info, I can find on Google… 

People will assume what you're selling is the same as the next person and try to find a cheaper option.
 Change your content, change your business.

Inside Discovered & In Demand, I will walk you through a simple, repeatable & algorithm-proof content system that has allowed our community to generate well over $1M in sales with small audiences on all platforms. 
You get access to:

Our signature Discovered & In Demand Content Bank creates over 60 posts in one brainstorming session! Plus, it's strategically designed to position you as the expert!

The "fck Canva" design system will allow you to design stunning graphics inside the Instagram app, saving you time while building brand awareness! 

The Confetti Content Method of Copy Writing allows you to ensure that everything you right (either for IG or your email list) builds your community, positions you as the authority & drives sales without being sleazy

Our famous Content Planning Dashboard which includes a built-in content calendar, caption scripts, headlines, call to action and tutorials to make it your own. ++ Track your results so you know what's working & what's not. 

 Our 2 x the Reach Repurpose Workflow to expand your reach on multiple platforms (think youtube, TikTok, email, etc.) in under 20 minutes per week. 

The No More Guessing Data training so you know precisely what analytics to look at & what content to keep creating for increased growth, sales & engagement. 

Plus 3 amazing bonuses to help you turn your socials into fully automated funnels.

Discovered & In Demand Content System$147

Get access to D&D! 

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Add-on 365 IG Story Prompts

One Time for only $27
Drive engagement and sales from 4 epic categories to pull from: Attraction, Engagement, Leads & Sales.  With over 300 prompts, you'll be able to show up in your stories DAILY without ever wondering WTF should I talk about today?!?!

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